A Story of Why Experiences Matter

What happens if I lose my job?  What is my fall back?  Not a hugely relevant thought one has today, but this was 2008, during the height of a major recession.  There was a ton of angst about job security going on back then.  Many of our friends were being laid off here in the Mid-Atlantic across many industries.  At the time, Ty was an accountant of all things.  Not a job he had any special interest in, but certainly one that paid the bills and supported a fledgling family.  Ty decided to get into real estate with the thought that the housing market couldn’t go anywhere but up at that point.  After some classes and licenses were acquired, off he went trying to establish himself.  It didn’t take long to realize quality photos of his homes tended to sell better.  Ty decided to invest in some really good camera gear and started self learning the basics of photography.

A funny thing happened when Ty bought that Nikon 3100.  

His desire to create a fallback career in the event of an emergency, shifted towards a passion for photography.  So much so that he blindly reached out to an established New York City street photographer for further guidance and inspiration.  It led to a one off trip to the New York City to work with and learn from one of the experts in the field.  Suddenly, real estate became an afterthought.  With a quickly growing portfolio, offers for corporate events unexpectedly came flooding in.  The demand was tremendous and forced his hand further into his craft. 

Not long into these engagements did further requests for video come his way.  Leveraging off his experience with photography, he once again reached out to experts in the field.  This lead to a partnership with a film production company based in Arizona, once again, learning from the best and brightest in the business.  Sure enough, requests for video in all nuanced formats and styles came flooding in. So much so that he gathered a trusted team of collaborators to help distribute the load.  

With demand for his talent, came demand for his insight on how to best capture corporate clients needs such as brand awareness, relevancy, and value proposition and positioning.  Once again, Ty reached out to marketing professionals he could collaborate with to run ideas by to give himself credibility and an expanded understanding.  This led to professional collaborations with established content distribution firms which are in practical use today.  

Through these experiences, he began to realize the importance of practicing what he was preaching.  Through consults from trusted resources within his circle, he made the bold decision to rebrand into a content production and distribution strategy firm with an emphasis on collaborative engagements.  Not only was he creating, he was now advising.  It was clear he needed to put emphasis on promotional distribution of his own work and outsourcing of new forms of content such as this blog to reach wider audiences.  He felt the need to establish trust and attention.  As his current clients and new prospects began realizing his expanded services, in turn, his business grew and is still doing so today. 

A funny thing happened when Ty purchased that Nikon 3100.  

He started paying more attention to his experiences as opposed to his knowledge on how to balance financial statements. He leveraged those experiences and then layered them, one on top of another.  A business degree didn’t do this, he did.  

This is how you build a business.  This is why experience matters.