Riding Trend Spotting Waves

Many times, early adopters are rewarded while laggards miss out on key opportunities. 

In 2015, Google announced mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in 10 different countries including US and Japan. Mobile users demand more than desktop users.  Why?  Because they are driven by convenience of immediacy and relevance.  Think about it tactically.  The entire mobile experience is driven by screen swipes, smart filters, and dedicated app development.  All of these functions are built on the premise they make consuming content efficient.  The same efficiency is demanded with content as well.  It must also be easy to access and relevant.  

If your content does not have the impact it should, you should start asking yourself why. At the end of the day, content has to be good, engaging and most importantly, relevant.  How do you achieve relevancy?  Focus on trending topics.    

Standalone, self-contained advertisements are slowing going away.  In the mobile social media world, the advertisement is the product.  The best way to push the product is to make it relevant, and ephemeral towards existing trends. This is called trend spotting. 

Trend spotting involves identifying hot topics or what your audience is buzzing about.  It’s an integral part of a successful content distribution campaign.  Identifying trends is easy. Resources are just about everywhere; Google Trends, Twitter Trends, numerous news aggregation sites, trend mapping sites, etc.  The key to achieving relevance and engagement is timing and repetition.  While it is important to produce really good content, do not lose sight of those two important factors.  Producing content that speaks to or parallels recent trends places your own content in a position of relevance, easily seen by the masses.  Everyone is giving attention to the same wave, catch it before it breaks.  If you do miss a really good wave, paddle back out and try to grab another one, this is where the repetition comes in. 

Popular YouTube vloggers do a very good job of leveraging trend spotting.  A very recent trend topic is the augmented reality mobile game, Pokemon Go.  Launched in the U.S. by Nintendo affiliate Niantic just 2 weeks ago on July 6, it’s currently number one on both the top grossing and free apps available today.  Mega popular, daily YouTuber, Casey Neistat released a real life version of the game just today called ‘Pokemon Go IN REAL LIFE’.  This is a perfect example of successfully riding a trend spotting wave.  Take a look.