Providing Value In Financial Services

In 1892, the Irish poet and playwright, Oscar Wilde had Lord Darlington quip, “A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing”.  To paraphrase Wilde, those motivated by self-interest determine their own worth regardless if they provided value or not. 

This is a scary reality to consider, but often a true one, especially in today’s marketing world.  There are many companies that come off as self-interested.  The ones that don’t, do something very basic, they define, communicate and provide value expecting nothing in return.  The question is, why bother investing the time and resources to create content that does not guarantee immediate returns?  Because content creates a body of work that earns trust and attention.  Giving value through content without attempting to monetize it, is a key strategy for successfully marketing your company or personal brand.

Businesses often make the fatal mistake of focusing on maximizing sales as opposed to maximizing value.  If your business can make a case that your product or service can increase a prospective customer’s value, they will be willing to pay more in the long run. 

There are plenty of good examples, especially within the financial services industry.  Many popular asset management firms gladly provide their own industry knowledge through white papers, market trend reports and interviews on trending topics in attempts to reach the widest audience possible.  The Vanguard Group does a very good job with their value producing content.  This question and answer formatted video example provides targeted answers to actual questions that came to them through Twitter and Facebook.  Check it out, and consider creating your own content with a priority on adding value, not revenue.  It will provide your company with long lasting credibility and relevance that short term profits cannot compete against.