Influencer Marketing

Creating content is not enough. There needs to be distribution. There are so many ways this is done, albeit some more effective than others.  TV, radio, podcast, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, you name it. The end goal is the same, to reach the largest audience possible in an attempt to spread your message, tell your story or promote your existence. Beyond the practical act of actually uploading your content, there are also tactical strategies that can be deployed to further help your distribution. Email campaigns, use of distribution software such as Epoxy, even using your network to spread your content via word of mouth. Arguably, one of the more effective strategies is the use of Influencer Marketing.  

Influencer marketing means leveraging existing influential users that have large numbers of followers to promote your content. Through their deployment of your content, you benefit 5, 10, 20, even 100 fold by reaching audiences your own brand has not yet found. Probably the most basic example of this is the re-tweet. Creating your own content, sharing it through your own Twitter handle and then asking for a re-tweet from an influencer with a large following such as a celebrity or someone with control of or owns a successful personal brand. This action allows your content to reach a larger audience and gives it instant credibility because it has become tacitly endorsed by that influencer.  

Another example is a mention or link through the influencer’s own content. Many times, established content creators will use their own platform to share up and coming content creators. This tends to be mutually beneficial. The influencer will increase engagement of his/her audience and perceive themselves as empathetic to the challenges of building an audience while the content creator benefits from the aforementioned increased audience share. The more influential the person, the better the opportunity for your content to become successful.  Keep in mind, your content needs to be solid to have results and staying power.  None of this works without a quality product.   

An obvious question is, how can I get an influencers attention? There are many ways, but the most practical is research. Take the time to dig into what an influencer likely has interest in and match your content to that individual’s values and beliefs. Attempt to create an emotional or relate-able attachment to them. Consider looking at different angles in attempts to gain the attention of an influencer. Look internally first to determine what value you can provide to an influencer so they may in turn be more willing to promote your interests. 

Another important step is to simply build a library of content. Expecting an influencer to give you a mention after your 5th video is not a good strategy. Create a library that gives your own brand trust and attention. Finally, be realistic in your efforts. Going after an influencer like Kim Kardashian or Kobe Bryant is not likely going to work. Look for individuals you can reach and would likely consume your content. Start with lesser known influencers to build your credibility over time. Success in marketing should not be measured by a series of quick hit successes, rather it should be viewed as a long term strategy of producing quality content that tells a story which in turn, reverberates your values and beliefs.  Influential Marketing should be a part of that strategy.