Our Team and Mission

Tyrone R. Eaton
Principal Creative Director | Cinematographer | Digital Content Strategist

Looking back, I’ve always enjoyed sharing authentic stories. Whether at the kitchen table with family, in school with friends, at work or with new acquaintances.

I was born in the “Show Me State,” so to me there is no coincidence that the career closes to my heart became producing visual stories professionally.

I’ve produced video and photography content for political campaigns around the country, entrepreneurs launching successful businesses, and companies wanting to train their teams, advertise, and communicate internally better.

Ps…My favorite drink is coffee… Let’s grab a cup together soon.

Brandon Campbell

I’ve always loved to create and experiment with everything I could get my hands on. The ability to create something that has never existed in the world before is amazing and is what has driven me to explore and experiment with various mediums.

I decided to pursue my passion early on which led me to receive my B.F.A from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Now I utilize my skills to create experiences that help others communicate better.

I’ve connected with various businesses and organizations to create meaningful and impactful work through design, photography, and cinematography with mutually beneficial and long-lasting results. 

What We Do

We create engaging video campaigns that educate, empower and inspire communities to support companies and leaders committed to improving the lives of others.

A desire to create

Our desire to create valuable, authentic, and audience-focused content is driven by our experience in cutting through the noise to deliver our clients’ message.

The power of listening

The first step to designing great creativity for clients starts with listening. Really listening to understand:

  • The greater impact you hope to provide through your products and services
  • How your products and services function
  • The overall value and experience people can expect when working with you
  • The overall purpose/goals for the video campaign. Your pain points
An amazing customer experience

Our commitment to providing an amazing client experience drives every decision from the depth of our pre-production, to the selection of Canon’s flagship Cinema camera series, to our post-production editing tools and workflow. 

Our process and equipment are designed to provide your video project with the look, sound and feel needed to stand out and engage your audience.